Eltacon Engineering B.V., located in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands, is an independent engineering contractor
for the chemical, petrochemical and related industries since the year 1987.
We are ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certified and qualified for module
D, D1, H & H1 according Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Quality Requirements
Depending project requirements, an overall quality-plan will be developed with the client and thereafter strictly adhered to. All personnel is certified for their duties (e.g. welders, NDT
personnel etc.) and appropriate design standards are used during design & manufacturing.

Safety Requirements
The packages will be designed and constructed to ensure safe and proper operation for operating personnel
and for the environment according international standards.

Standards and Codes
Over the years, Eltacon has obtained an excellent reputation in the design and fabrication of tailor made
equipment. We supply equipment according our own quality standards as well as according International
and specific customer specifications.

Eltacon Engineering is specialised in the treatment & transportation of gasses and oil related fluids
for various applications.
By combining our skills and knowledge of processes, mechanical and electrical applications together
with our capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and commissioning we deliver
products and services for the International industry.
Products and services are available as partial solutions as well as total solutions or specific service.
Some examples of our product range on design and manufacturing of custom build packages are:
- Gas compressor packages
- Gas fuel units and liquid fuel systems
- Metering skids for gasses and fluids


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