Graphec® Heat exchangers

Shell & tubes, block type and plates heat exchangers can be made of graphite, exotic metals or silicon carbide. We make available a wide range of competences related to heat transfer to identify the best possible solution. Construction material selection, geometry identification, set up of the useful accessories, optimal thermal sizing, safe mechanical calculation, advanced manufacturing system and a full set of international certifications: every step of heat exchangers production is carried out to minimize the total cost of ownership for our customers. Graphec®: heat transfer among corrosive fluids.

1- Graphec® ST, graphite shell&tubes heat exchangers

2- Graphec® RB and SB, graphite block heat exchangers

3- Metallic shell&tubes heat exchangers

4- Plates heat exchangers

5- Silicon carbide Super-SIC® heat exchangers

Columns and quenchers

A range of products (and materials) suitable for the most challenging process services, related to mass transfer among corrosive medias. Distillation, absorption/desorption, quenching, saturation, extraction: a perfect design will match the specific requirements of each service. Graphite, exotic metals, plastics and lined steel. We make available our competences on corrosion resistant materials to support the optimal equipment choice; we provide process calculation and define accurately each detail, according to customer’s specifications. Graphec® process equipment have the highest technical quality and the longest lifetime.

1- Graphite columns

2- Graphec® quenchers

3- PTFE lined equipment

4- Rubber and ebonite

5- Graphec® graphite internals for mass transfer

Vessels and reactors

Graphite, glass lined, exotic metals, plastic and plastic lined steel; when standard pressure vessels design is not enough, we support you with our expertise on corrosion resistance, to supply the most safe and appropriate equipment for each application. Our design and construction system is certified according to PED so that we can design reactors, vessels and tanks using appropriate calculation code and the ideal construction standard for the selected material. A wide range of international certification is available.

1- PP, PVC e PVFD process equipment

2- Columns, vessels and reactors

3- PTFE lined equipment

4- Glass lined vessels

5- Rubber and ebonite

Spare parts & Accessories

Accurate selection of construction materials*, proper design, perfect manufacturing by high specialized technicians; these are the k-factors of the high quality of our accessories and components. Graphite equipments spare parts from any original manufacturer or type (blocks, tubes, nozzles), bursting disks, PTFE piping & fitting: Quality and attention to details. And our prices policy aims to satisfy even the most discerning purchaser.

*Ecarb uses only homologated graphite, fabricated in Europe or U.S.A.

1- Piping PTFE

2- Graphec® PTFE expansion joints

3- Graphec® safety bursting disks

4- Spares, rupture disks and accessories

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